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by Mindy Hiteshue — last modified Feb 10, 2010 11:08 PM
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When the NC Conservation Network launched our blog in the summer of 2003, we were among the first NC nonprofits to utilize this emerging tool. One of the big things we've learned over the years is that technology (and blogs in particular) are constantly changing. We've decided, in keeping with the times, to move our blog-related content solely to our Facebook feed. This allows us to get more information to you in a timely matter, further encourages your discussion, and helps build community — all in one place.

We do hope you'll continue to follow us via Facebook at You do not have to have a Facebook account to view our page — but, you do need a Facebook account if you would like to interact with our page.

Please note that our Facebook posts will still be about the issues, events, people, and news that affect North Carolina’s environment and public health (with some occasional “fun” posts thrown in there too). And, all of our current blog posts will remain on our website ( for archiving purposes.

If you have any comments about this change — well, you know the drill — you can post them on our Facebook page at

Thank you for your continued interest and engagement in protecting North Carolina’s air, water and quality of life.

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As of February 10, 2010, the NCCN blog has moved solely to our Facebook page. Please check us out there!

The NC Conservation Network blog is about the issues, events, people, and news that affect North Carolina’s environment...