Feedback from Affiliates

“When I need to quickly engage other North Carolinians on SELC’s environmental priorities, NC Conservation Network’s Public Alert is an invaluable tool. The ease of submitting a request, the functionality of the response tool, and the prompt, friendly and informative follow-up from staff all help me do my work more effectively!”
Chandra Taylor, Southern Environmental Law Center

“NC Conservation Network provides the rest of the environmental community in NC with valuable services, important information, and thoughtful leadership on policy advocacy across a range of issues. Because of their resources, services, and expertise, affiliate organizations like mine are much stronger and more effective than we could ever be on our own.”
Julie Mayfield, Western NC Alliance

“One of the valuable contributions that NC Conservation Network makes is providing a platform for the environmental community to discuss ideas and approaches on complex issues. The issue roundtables, on topics such as climate and energy or water quality, are resulting in smarter strategies and more efficient use of our resources.”
Jane Preyer, Environmental Defense Fund

“The NC Coastal Federation’s work in assisting citizens in the protection of our coastal resources is critically dependent upon effective communication to our members and people throughout the state. The NC Conservation Network’s Public Alerts expand our ability to inform and engage citizen’s on important issues which affect our coast. This partnership and service is invaluable from Murphy to Manteo.”
Mike Giles, NC Coastal Federation

“When we were faced with a bad bill coming from our local water and sewer authority as a brand new organization, Grady McCallie and the staff at North Carolina Conservation Network really stepped up to help us learn how to talk to legislators effectively, produce and distribute information, think strategically and perhaps most valuably, they helped us make the inter-organizational relationships that allowed us to build a coalition to beat the proposed legislation. Their time, effort, resources and incredible depth of knowledge are a huge asset to the conservation movement in North Carolina, and the generosity with which it is given, even to the smallest groups, is a testament to how well they truly live their organizational values.”
Tess Sanders, White Oak-New Riverkeeper Alliance

“I cannot put into words my thanks. I am humbled greatly and we may have planted a seed that will grow to where we can start healing our river and protecting it from further atrocities. I will never forget what you have done for us.”
Doug Springer, Cape Fear River Watch

“NC Conservation Network functions like the hub of a wheel – connecting diverse organizations and campaigns into an integrated network, thus strengthening the quality of the work we all do. In particular, NC Conservation Network has provided invaluable organizational resources over the past 2 years to ensure that a diverse working group all focused on passing comprehensive national climate and energy policy is able to produce the most effective and coordinated results.”
Jennifer Rennicks, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy