Become a Friend of ESNC

Background on EarthShare of North Carolina

The NC Conservation Network is one of over 60 environmental groups supported by EarthShare of North Carolina (ESNC). These groups represent local, statewide, regional, national, and international programs for the environment. ESNC provides funds for environmental organizations through workplace giving campaigns as a way of strengthening our community.

Description of the Friends Program

ESNC and its organizations like the NC Conservation Network are included in campaigns across the state, sometimes along-side 100s to 1,000s of other choices. Since we are not able to come into every workplace and talk about the vital work ESNC organizations are doing to protect our natural resources, we rely on Friends to help spread the word. In essence, Friends are volunteers who help raise awareness that ESNC is a choice in their workplace giving campaign.

NOTE: Friends do not solicit donations in any way, or try to influence specific decisions about workplace giving donations.

What Friends Actually Do

Friends activities range from sharing ESNC’s educational brochures with co-workers to talking one-on-one with people about your involvement with the NC Conservation Network and other ESNC organizations. Besides sharing brochures, many Friends also hang up ESNC posters, talk to coworkers about the important work that organizations like the NC Conservation Network are doing, and help ESNC obtain campaign events. The decision about what activities to pursue depends on the Friend’s comfort level and any guidelines imposed by their workplace.

How to Find Out if Your Workplace Offers ESNC as a Giving Option

Ask your workplace giving campaign manager if EarthShare of North Carolina is offered as a giving option. ESNC is included in all state and federal workplace giving campaigns in North Carolina. In addition, many local governments and private companies offer ESNC as a giving option. See campaign sites.

If your place of business doesn’t offer EarthShare of North Carolina as a giving option, please contact us (see below) for more information on making EarthShare of North Carolina a workplace giving option for you and all of your coworkers.

To Become a Friend or to Request More Information

Email mindy[at] and make sure to include the following information:

  • Name
  • Workplace (including department or division if applicable)
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

After we receive your email, we’ll be in touch with the requested information. Thanks!