Don’t Drill NC

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North Carolina’s coastal communities depend on clean and healthy waters for a vibrant fishing industry, thriving tourism season, and the draw of the coast’s natural beauty. Offshore drilling along our coast would put all of these at risk for very low estimates of oil and gas. Drilling operations would also result in industrialization of our coast, including chemical storage yards, refineries, oil rigs, and pipelines. Perhaps most troubling, Governor Pat McCrory has asked Congress to allow oil drilling to be permitted 20 miles closer to our beaches than is currently being considered. Our special coast is not worth the risk.

Top three reasons to oppose drilling along NC’s coast:

Spills happen: the impact from oil spills has serious long term consequences. The Minerals Management Service estimates that in the Gulf of Mexico there will be one spill of at least 1000 barrels every year for the next 40 years and one spill of at least 10,000 barrels every three to four years during that same time. Challenges and cleanup continue today in the Gulf, five years after the tragic BP Oil Spill from the Deepwater Horizon Why would we want to put our coast at risk of an inevitable oil spill?

McCrory’s plan: Governor McCrory testified to Congress in 2015 about potential offshore drilling in the Atlantic. McCrory urged Congress to reduce a protective buffer for drilling operations along NC’s coast by 20 miles – meaning that spills and oil operations would be that much closer to our beaches. Drilling is bad for North Carolina’s coast, but Governor McCrory’s plan is even worse.

The coastal economy: The coast’s tourism, recreation, and fishing industries are dependent upon a healthy environment and thriving natural resources. These industries would be significantly threatened by offshore drilling activities. Coastal business groups, such as the Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce, and cities up and down the coast, such as Wilmington (the state’s largest coastal city), have announced opposition to offshore drilling along North Carolina’s coast.

Sign our petition to protect our coast from the dangers of offshore drilling: