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Directions to Our Office

19 E. Martin St.
Suite 300
Raleigh, NC 27601

Phone and Fax
919.857.4699 (phone)
919.833.8819 (fax)

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Staff Email and Phone Extensions

Michelle Allen, Public Action Organizer
michelle[at], ext. 110

Abby Bishop, Public Outreach Organizer
abby[at], ext. 104

Brian Buzby, Executive Director
brian[at], ext. 100

Mindy Hiteshue, Business Manager
mindy[at], ext. 102

Brittany Iery, Public Alert Organizer
brittany[at], ext. 108

Nadia Luhr, Legislative Counsel
nadia[at], ext. 107

Grady McCallie, Policy Director
grady[at], ext. 101

Stephanie Schweickert, Affiliate Organizer
stephanie[at], ext. 103

Nicole Stewart, Development Director
nicole[at], ext. 105

Peter Walz
, Organizing Director
peter[at], ext. 106

Bridget Whelan, Communications Director
bridget[at], ext. 109