Alumni Spotlight

Alumni of our Campus Fellows are doing great work across the state of North Carolina and worldwide. Find out below what a few of the program graduates are up to after completing their time as an NCCN Fellow.

Margot Francini

Margot Francini is an undergraduate student at UNC Chapel Hill pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences and Public Policy, as well as an accelerated Master of Public Health in Environment, Climate, and Health with a specialization in Exposure and Risk. Margot currently conducts research in a lab on campus to measure PFAS in indoor air, leads a PFAS policy research team at the NC Collaboratory, and serves as Co-Director of Environmental Affairs for UNC’s Undergraduate Student Government.


Bella Peadon

Bella Peadon graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in the spring of 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and a minor in Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Upon graduation, Bella took a 5-month position with the Montana Conservation Corps gaining experience in environmental education, conservation and trail work and wildlife safety. After completing this program, Bella joined NCCN as an Organizing Fellow who now helps us manage our Campus Fellows.


Reagan McGuinn

Reagan McGuinn graduated from NC State University in the fall of 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology and a minor in Political Science. Soon after graduating, Reagan joined NCCN as an Organizing Fellow. Reagan uses her previous experience as a campus fellow to help manage the program on campus at NC State, UNC-CH, and NCCU.


Ann Winstead

Ann Winstead graduated from NC State University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Political Sciences. Ann was one of the first four Campus Fellows in our pilot semester of the program. Upon graduating, Ann started a position as a Regulatory Analyst with the North Carolina Utilities Commission.


Demico Guy

Demico Guy graduated from NC Agricultural and Technical State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Engineering. Upon graduation, Demico began working as an Engineering Technician with the Soil and Water Division of the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service, where he previously interned. Notably, Demico was also appointed to Governor Roy Cooper’s Environmental Justice Advisory Council that was developed as a direct result of petitioning that Demico participated in as a Campus Fellow.


Alyanna Wilson

Alyanna Wilson graduated from NC State with a Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Policy & Administration and a minor in Social Work. After graduating, Alyanna began working for Partners for Environmental Justice as an Urban Waters Federal Ambassador through the EPA’s Urban Federal Waters Partnership in Southeast Raleigh.


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